Dental Heath Updates for 2013

Quick Tips Better Oral Health:

  1.  2 x 2 Rule:   Brush 2 times Daily… for 2 minutes. If you have children, setting a sand timer is a fun way to help them continue brushing for a full 2 minutes!
  2.  Floss or Use a Floss pick. For all of you anti-flossers, there are some great Floss aids available for those hard to reach places!
  3. Rinse regularly. Using a non-alcohol based mouth rinse helps keep a clean mouth feel and there are a variety of rinses available to help prevent dry mouth and even cavities.
  4. Use a Soft Bristled toothbrush – always. No one needs a hard toothbrush! Hard Bristled can damage your gums and are no more effective at removing plaque than the gentler, soft bristled counterpart!
  5. Have your Dental Check-up and Cleaning 1-2 times per year.  Your Doctor and Dental Hygienist can help keep your mouth healthy while creating a beautiful smile.