Restorative Services

“When it’s needed”


  • White fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants (& mini-implants)
  • Root Canal therapy
  • Extractions
  • Sedation be pre-arrangement

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Questions & Answers

Q: I have had my Denture re-lined many times and it stills moves around and hurts. What can I do?

A: Complete lower dentures are often a source of frustration for patients and their dentist / denturist alike. It is often extremely difficult to get a lower denture to fit and function well due to bone loss and lack of good ridge to support the denture. Fortunately, we have denture stability options available that can dramatically improve the fit and function of your denture. Dental Implants and the newer more affordable mini-implants can be placed quickly and easily! mini-implants are a wonderful option for the denture patient as there is little healing time and they hold the denture firmly in place. They provide excellent stability for your lower denture and feel like real teeth!

Talk to your dentist or denturist about these options and start eating well again!

Other options include restorative procedures such as veneers, crowns, bridge work and implants to optimally restore a beautiful grin and function of your mouth. These procedures may not be a quick fix but if needed are an important part of maintaining a healthy body and a beautiful smile!

Our Mouths and teeth are an integral part of our overall health & having a beautiful smile is a key component!

Q: I have a missing tooth, what are my options to fix the hole?

A: Tooth loss is unfortunate although sometimes necessary if a tooth is beyond repair. Fortunately there are many options to replace the gap. The most common solution is to build a Bridge across the span & create a ceramic tooth in the gap. This provides a great long term result. A flipper or Partial Denture can be made as a temporary solution and is also good for multiple missing teeth. These are removable and do not have the longevity of a fixed Bridge, however they are your most affordable option. Another option is an Implant, which can be placed in the missing area only, leaving the teeth on either side untouched. The Implant is then restored to look & function as a real tooth and preserves the bone density where your tooth was. Lastly, Mini-Implants are a newer option if you are currently wearing dentures and don’t like the fit.

Overall, there are lots of options to replace missing teeth & enjoy a great smile again!

Q: I was told by my dentist I need a root canal on one of my teeth. What does this mean?

A: Root canal therapy is a highly successful treatment option for teeth that are infected due to decay, trauma, fracture, or old leaking restorations. The inside of the tooth and root are cleaned, disinfected and filled thereby eradicating the infection and any associated pain. The tooth can then be restored to optimal form & function with a crown (cap). With the technology available in dentistry today, most root canal treatments can be done reliably, quickly and most importantly, painlessly.

Q: I have heard about people ‘capping’ their teeth. What does this mean?

A: A ‘Cap’ or a Crown is a type of dental restoration which is advised any time a tooth has a fracture (crack) or is at high risk of breakage. This may be due to trauma, previous root canal therapy or a tooth that is heavily filled and has more filling material than actual tooth structure remaining. Crowns are also done to improve the esthetics of teeth that may be irreversibly discolored, crooked, or damaged. Today’s crowns are stronger and more esthetically pleasing than ever before, dramatically improving the overall appearance of your smile.